Say YES to what is possible!

One of the greatest challenges of being gifted, besides first figuring out that you are and understanding everything that goes along with that, is to follow your dreams.

Gifted adults have within them a message, a message and a mission, that are screaming to get out, calling in a big way to come to fruition.

But so many gifted adults have learned not to listen to themselves, not to follow their hearts, because doing that in the past has so often led to pain.  When we truly express who we are no one else seems to understand.  No one ‘gets’ what we’re talking about and so many negative feelings come up that we push away both the negativity and the dream.

But the problem is that the dream never goes away.  Sometimes we can hide it for a while, or tell ourselves that we’ll get to it someday, but we always feel its presence.

Even though we might not know exactly what it is we want to do, we know deep down inside that it’s something big that helps other people.  How wonderful is that?

So the secret is to begin to trust yourself. To listen to your heart and to know that you already have everything you need to take the next steps toward your life mission.

When you have the sense that you should do something, go for it, even if it doesn’t make much sense at the time.  You may be surprised at where you end up.

Here’s a piece of advice that has helped me many times over:

Usually when I think about doing something, whether it be big or small, I have two responses – the first one that tells me what to do, and the second one that rationalizes the first response.

For example, I might ask myself, “What should I do right now?”  The first response might be “Go for a drive.”  The response that comes immediately after that might be, “Why would you waste your time doing that?  What good would that do?  And you’d be wasting gas that your kids need to be able to go to school anyway.”  The second voice is my logical brain stamping out the prompting from my intuition, my heart, my inner way of knowing.

So you see what happens?  If I listen to the first response I go for a drive.  If I listen to the second one I don’t.  But here’s the thing – so many times I’ve found the first response takes me in an interesting direction that otherwise I wouldn’t have gone in.  Maybe on this drive I might see someone I haven’t spoken to in a long time and find myself interacting with them often after that.  Or maybe there might be a detour on the road that takes me along a new street where I find a store that has something that I’ve been searching for for a long time.

Cool, huh?

So don’t hold yourself back.   Say “YES” to what’s possible.  Trust yourself and listen to your heart, or your intuition, or whatever you’d like to name it, and begin the journey of becoming all that you can be.

Dr. John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, shares his own personal journey and expresses these ideas wonderfully in this video if you’d like to take a look.

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  • Manal

    Oh wow! The example of finding a store that has something in it that you’ve been searching for is so right on!

    that’s what happened the other day when I walked into a store “for no reason” and found the *perfect* planner I’d been searching for, because my intuition led me in there, though I’d actually planned to go to the grocery store instead.