Gifted Adults Get Lost in Space

Not outer space – or at least I haven’t heard about any gifted adults who’ve gotten lost out there recently.  I’m talking here about inner space.  The vastness of the internal thoughts of our gifted minds.  And although being lost in inner space can be a truly exhilarating adventure, sometimes it gets us in trouble.

Some time ago at work, a problem came to my attention that needed a big solution, which of course for those of us who are gifted is a simply direct invitation to a challenge, a mystery, a battle that must be won.  So I was immediately off to divide and conquer.

Within the deep inner reaches of my brain the fight had begun, and there was no way the enemy was going to win.  My mind twisted, prodded, poked, stretched, item after item searching for the best final course of action.

Then, seeing some important papers that I hadn’t yet passed on to our secretary, I got up to give them to her, all the while my thoughts still racing.  I went into her office and stopped there, my blank gaze directed toward the corner of her desk as my mind continued to fill with an expanding myriad of possible solutions.

Then I heard a grumble, “Gee, do you want some?”

My secondary line of thinking crashed recklessly into my first.  “Some of what?”

Tuning back into the outside world, I glanced up at the secretary’s face and saw an expression that read, “If you want some that badly, just take some already!  Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s rude to stare?”

Confused, I looked around and realized that sitting neatly on her desktop was a small box of chocolates, exactly where my eyes had landed somewhere near what must have been an eternity ago.

Did I want a chocolate?  No.  I didn’t even know they were there.  What I wanted was a solution to the problem.

But what did it look like to everyone else?  It appeared that I’d left my manners at home.

Not good.

The lesson for me in this whole experience was that the inner world of the gifted adult can be much more exciting and inviting than the outer world at times.  But I have to remember that I’m the only one in there.

So if other people give me strange looks, ask seemingly silly questions, or just plain brush me off, I don’t take it personally.  At least most of the time.  There’s a good chance that they’ve been trying to get my attention and I really haven’t noticed, because I’ve been having far too much fun in inner space.  🙂

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  • MomBodySoul

    This reminds me of my friend’s signature line that says:

    “I live in my own little world, but it’s ok, everybody knows me here

    LoL. I love it.

    • Sonia Dabboussi

      I love it, too! I wonder if I could ‘borrow’ it… 😉

  • La Texican

    I’m printing this up on a tee-shirt, that way if I stand still long enough for someone to read it they will know what’s probably happening at that moment.

    • Sonia Dabboussi

      What an idea! Maybe it’s a thought for marketing… 🙂