Gifted Adults and the Power of Focus

As gifted adults, focus is something that we most definitely have.  If we’re very interested in and passionate about what we are doing at any given moment, the world could end and we probably wouldn’t even notice.  And for the most part, this characteristic is a very good thing.  But it does have a darker side…

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, or one similar, that says “Where focus goes, energy flows.”  This is definitely a truth in many cases.  We accomplish so much when we’re really in tune with what we’re doing, when we resonate totally with the object of our focus.

The problem comes when we forget to notice the object of our focus.

When we’re working on a project or completing a task, we can see the results of our efforts by the things we’ve accomplished in the time we’ve used.  But what happens when what’s in our personal spotlight isn’t so obvious?  What about when we’re giving our attention to our co-worker, spouse or fellow student who just never seems to understand what we say?  Or when our thoughts are directed toward our feelings of frustration about how unfulfilled we have become in our lives?

Well, nature still follows the same rule:  “Where focus goes, energy flows.”  So we find ourselves irritated more and more by our co-worker, or depressed because of the rut we’ve gotten ourselves into.  And the more we pay attention to these negativities, the more often they will appear until we find ourselves buried under what seems to be an inescapable pile of life’s rubble.

Now I’m not suggesting that you simply think away your problems, because that really doesn’t work.  If we keep saying “My co-worker’s a genius, my co-worker’s a genius,” it won’t make him Einstein any time soon.

What will happen when we turn our focus away from what’s wrong and onto what’s right is that we’ll start noticing more of what we really want.  We’ll recognize that when we express ourselves  in a certain way, with short sentences instead of long ones, or sitting down instead of standing, our co-worker gets the message.  Or that when we take note of what’s going well in our lives and appreciate our successes no matter how small, we start to feel better and become more aware of positive opportunities that present themselves.

Our power of focus is phenomenally strong.  It’s a gifted trait that is certainly a blessing, and that can help us do incredible things if we want it to.

So if we’re finding that life isn’t taking us down the right path, or that there’s more sadness than joy around us, we must ask ourselves what we’re giving strength to, what we’re energizing.  And if the answers we find aren’t the ones we want, then it’s time to begin making a change in focus.

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