How can gifted adults redesign their lives?

As gifted adults we have a world of opportunities open to us. So you would think that we would all have big hopes and dreams, and exhilarating adventures all planned out.  But most of us don’t.  Why?

When we talk about doing something big in life there are many people who look at us strangely, laugh at our propositions, and remind us of all of the reasons why our ideas could not possibly work out.  The tell us to get real, or get our heads out of the clouds, or quit dreaming and live life like everyone else.  And so we do.

But deep down inside those dreams and ideas don’t go away.  They just get pushed deep into our hearts where they linger, waiting until we see that they really are possible, if we’re willing to explore them.  When we make a conscious decision to decide what we really want, define it as clearly as possible in our minds, and tune out all of the negativity from the outside world, we may find that our dreams aren’t so out of reach after all.

If you’re ready to begin redesigning your life to be the way you once thought it could be, start by asking yourself this question:  What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Assume that you have everything you could possibly need at your disposal to make this happen.  Don’t worry about how you would get it, or where the time, money or resources would come from to make it real.  For now, just imagine it as clearly as you can.

If you find this to be a difficult thing to do, don’t worry.  If you haven’t done it before it can be a challenge.  Your dreaming muscles may be a bit rusty – most people’s are – but keep working on it anyway.

If you’re really stuck and aren’t sure even where to begin, try writing down the things you enjoy now, or used to enjoy in your life, the activities you do where time always seems to fly, or even just all of the words that you find motivating or inspirational.  Then type some of these words or ideas into Google images and see what you get.  Collect the pictures that resonate with you the most and either print them to post on a bulletin board, or save them somewhere where you can see them often.  The more you get in touch with what energizes you and makes you happy, the closer you’ll be to reviving that long lost dream.

If you’ve found your images and are comfortable with them, or if you already have a good idea about what you would do if you couldn’t fail, then take Step 2:  Imagine yourself doing those things.  Close your eyes and make a mental image of you in the place you’d like to be, with the people you’d like to be with, doing the things you’d love to do.  Use all of your heightened sensitivities and levels of perception to help you.  Dive as deeply as you can into that image.  And when that’s clear for you, turn up the volume on the scene.  What can you hear?  Then add in the sensory component.  What can you feel, smell, taste?

For some people, when they imagine their ideal situation they see it from an external perspective, as if someone had recorded their activities and was playing the video back for them.  Other people see their ideal situation through their own eyes, as if they were physically present while it was going on.  Whichever point of view you take for now is fine.  The important thing is to visualize it as vividly as you possibly can.

I’ll give you some time to work on this exercise, and then I’ll add in a few more steps in a later article.  For now, think about what you’d really love your life to be like, and have it, at least in your mind.

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