Every person is born as many people and dies as a single one. Who will you be?

As gifted adults, this is ever so true for us.  We have an abundance of skills, talents and passions that allow us to follow so many different paths, quite a few of which we seem to be on at any given time.   So how can we even begin to decide who it is we want to be?

For many of us, we have interests galore that we hopefully pursue on our path to becoming our ultimate selves.  And finding many ways to benefit ourselves and those around us is a great thing to do.

The problem comes when we don’t take the time to focus ourselves at all.  When we drift along on the latest breeze in our lives we may just find that the person we thought we would become, or the one we really wanted to be at the end of our lives, has disappeared along the way.

The secret to being your ultimate you is to pay attention to what motivates and excites you, what brings up strong emotions in you, or what you can get lost in without noticing, and then using those things to make a positive difference.  As an example, one of my friends, Iman Kouvalis, is absolutely crazy about strategic planning.  She dives into it as often as she can and is excellent at helping people in this area.  She’s started her own china business called Mission:Focus and is now making a difference in countries around the world.

For me, strategic planning and all of the manuals that go with is definitely not in my top 10 preferred list of things to study in my spare time, or maybe even in my top 50, but for my friend it’s off the charts.  And she’s been intelligent enough, and brave enough, to use that built-in excitement to initiate change and become everything she can be.

So what is it for you?  What is it that you would love to share with others, or that you find yourself energetically talking about when you’re with friends, family, or others?  Think about how you can use the part of yourself that holds that talent to impact your community, country or continent.

And if you have a bunch of things that make you happy, put them all together and see what you get.  That way you’ll be sure to be the person you want to be, and the one you were designed to be, at the end of your time.

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  • http://www.equalsociety.com Elena

    Indeed I totally agree with everything its so true.
    Plus Mission:Focus is one of the best strategic planning businesses I have seen, making something so boring interesting for everyone.
    That shows what Gifted people can do…when they want 🙂

    • http://giftedforlife.com Sonia Dabboussi

      Sometimes gifted people WANT to do many things but get caught up in the ‘how’ of doing them, or battle with conflicts, inner and outer, about whether or not they’re capable enough to do them.

      When you figure out what you love, you discover the path to getting it that suits you best, and you have some support (inner and outer) to actually get there, the sky’s the limit.

      And that’s where we’re headed around here – UP!