Are You Ready For Success?

How do you know if you will be successful at what you do?

That’s a very big question for the gifted adult because he always wants some sense of knowing it will all work out in the end all right, before he even begins.  Because gifted adults have so many interests, it’s easy to get lost among the adventures.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to succeed.  You do, of course.  At everything.  🙂

So how  you know where the point is where you feel like you can’t lose?

Read this story.

A Folktale

A young man wanted to know how to be successful

He was sent to a wiseman who made him promise to follow his instructions very carefully.

He agreed and the wiseman took him to a river.

The wiseman asked him to kneel down in the water and submerge his head.

Once under the water, the wiseman grabbed his head so he couldn’t come up for a breath. After the young man failed and fought for a minute, the wiseman released him, threw him up on the bank, and started walking away.

“You crazy old man!! How did THAT teach me how to be successful?!”

The wiseman turned and said:

“You will be successful if you want something as bad as you wanted that breath of air”

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