Gifted Adults Find Support for Success

Being a gifted adult is a tough enough thing, let alone trying to find success in the world alone.  You’re already set apart in so many ways, how can you begin to find success if you’re struggling all by yourself?  The answer is…


The secret is to create a support system for yourself.  Find a couple of friends, or even acquaintances, who are interested in developing themselves more and reaching for their dreams.  If you can find other gifted people that’s best, but if not then at least aim for those who are high achievers and who want success for themselves and for you, too.

Set aside a time once a week or so to get together with these friends to define the things you really want and determine the steps you need to take to get them.  You can meet in person in a public place, take turns visiting one another’s houses, or even just get together by phone or on Skype.  Do whatever works out best for all of you.

Each person should have about 15 minutes of time just for himself during your meeting where the entire focus is only on helping that one person.  It’s amazing how many creative ideas, insights and suggestions can be revealed in such a short time with committed individuals.

Make sure that the people in this group hold one another accountable.  If one person’s goal happened to be going out for a jog every morning, then one of the other group members may choose to give her a call each day to make sure she’s on her way out the door.  And if someone didn’t do what they had planned for the week, the other team members do what it takes to put him back on track.

These success groups can really be the different between dreaming about your life and living your dreams.

If there’s anyone out there who’s interested in forming a success team, please feel free to contact me about this.  Once there’s enough interest we can get some amazing things happening!

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  • dickie

    An over simplification of a complex issue. Just “find friends” or look to your passions, I will do that, end of problem, right? Wishful thinking at best.