How can gifted adults succeed at work?

As gifted adults, work can be one of the most satisfying or horrifying places for us to be.  So what can we do to make sure the hours we spend there every day are helping and not hurting us?  There are a few simple steps to follow…

Many aspects of the workplace can bring us the challenge and motivation we need as gifted adults, if we know where to look.  These aren’t in any particular order, nor will they likely all be part of the same location every time, but getting as many of them as possible will help make the majority of our day something to look forward to.

1.  Choose Challenge and Change – Finding the kind of job that offers us the opportunity to do something different each day, or at least something slightly different, helps us avoid the boredom that so easily can overtake us at work.  Add to that at least a few responsibilities that require thinking and/or are complex in nature to challenge the intellectual part of ourselves and we’re off to a great start.

2.  Search Out Creativity and Leadership – Being in a leadership role helps us to more easily find the challenge and change described in section #1 above.  Leadership types of roles often involve working with people in some form as well which allows us to maintain the variety we so desperately seek.  Being in charge also usually gives us some leeway in deciding how things will happen which brings out our creative side and satisfies our need to develop something new.

3.  Find Gifted Peers – We don’t always have the chance to decide who we work with, but if there’s any opportunity to make a choice here, we definitely must go for being around gifted co-workers.  We have to keep an eye and ear out for them wherever we go, and when we find them, we need to make a point of talking to them at a higher level or with more intensity than we might usually be comfortable with in this environment.  We gain a sense of belonging as we motivate both ourselves and them by giving ourselves permission to express ‘who we really are’ instead of always keeping that part of us tucked away.

4.  Select Intellectual or Artistic Careers – If we spend our time in a field that challenges the way we think and expands our knowledge base we’ll feel much better about going to work every day.   Or for those who prefer a more off-the-wall approach, we can explore fields in the arts where we can express our thoughts and emotions in the way that suits us best without feeling like we’re strange or in the wrong place.

5.  Become an Entrepreneur – Many gifted adults find everything they need from a workplace by designing it themselves.  Exploring the entrepreneurial path is an option for those of us who are ready to define our own boundaries, push our limits, and reach beyond what we could do with a regular employer.  This takes a huge amount of patience, skill and perseverance, but can be an extremely beneficial option in so many ways.

There are many other ways to succeed at work.  These are just a few examples.  But even making one of these  a priority for us when choosing a job can truly make all the difference.

What job satisfaction strategies have you found that really work for you?  Share your thoughts in our discussion forum and let’s see how many more we can come up with!  Just click on the link at the top of the page.

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