How well do you know your signature strengths?

As gifted adults we tend to find that we’re good at a lot of things, but that sometimes makes it difficult to figure out what our greatest strengths are.  And since living with those strengths in full use can help us to lead happier lives, they might be good to know, don’t you think?

Dr. Seligman, in association with the University of Pennsylvania, has been doing research about what makes us truly happy.  He found that using our strongest character strengths as often as possible help to make us feel more satisfied about our lives.  He has devised some questionnaires to use in his research that can help us identify what motivates us the most.

Feel free to try any of the surveys he has available, but make sure you do the one entitled “Brief Strengths Test“.  This will give you an idea about what your most prominent characteristics are and how you stand in these areas as compared to others of your age, gender and educational level.  You’ll have to fill out some information before you can do the test, firstly so that you can log back in later to see your results at another time, and secondly so that the university has some basic information for their research.

You might find out something new, or you may just discover that you already know yourself very well.  In either case, you’ll then be able to ask:

  • How can I use the best parts of me to make my life happier?
  • How can I use them to improve the lives of others?

Be sure to share your results here once you’ve finished.  It will be interesting to see if there are any trends among us as gifted adults.

Here’s the link you’ll need for the strengths test.  Enjoy!

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  • Dawn

    This looks excellent! I’m going to go through the test and see results. If it offers clarity and insight, I’ll definitely pass it on!

    Cheers and thanks,
    Dawn DelVecchio
    contributing writer

    • Sonia Dabboussi

      Thanks! I hope it gives you some interesting information. Be sure to share your results here as well. I’m interested to see if we have any commonalities among us here.

  • Edith Johnston

    The characteristics asked about were the key for me. The brief form with the percentages provided little information as it was related to the choice scale and easily switched for the results.
    My top area today and probably for any day completing the survey is the love of learning.
    The premise of authentic happiness, contentment, being in the flow I agree with strongly. You need to be using your greatest strengths as often as possible to be you and experience that completeness. Thanks for the post and sharing.