If you don’t like what you’ve got…

How do you see yourself?  When you picture a situation you were once in, are you looking at yourself from the outside, or through your own eyes?  These things can make an important difference…

The way we portray ourselves to ourselves makes a difference in the way we are seen by others around us.  If we’re not feeling confident, that will show in our eyes, on our bodies, through our words.  And, as much as we try to hide it, it will still come across the same way as long as we keep that image of ourselves in our minds.

To make a change in our outer world we have to start by making a change in our inner world.  If there’s something we don’t like about ourselves, we have to consider that it’s possible for us to be different than we currently are.  If we can’t imagine ourselves in any other way than we are now, chances are good we won’t be.

There’s a short video that gives you a quick look at this idea.  Check it out, then feel free to share your thoughts!

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