Tuning in to Another Sense

Way too often, we as gifted adults, spend way too much time in our heads. I don’t mean that in a bad way, exactly. I just mean that we tend to look for the logic in everything and try to fit the ‘unfittable’ into some kind of box so we can make sense of it.

But sometimes we need to just step out the logic box and pay attention to our built-in sense of radar. We very often have another sense, or sensitivity, at our disposal that many other people find it more difficult to tap into.

We have a greater sense of intuition, or knowing, or a 6th sense, whatever you’d prefer to call it. Only much of the time we’ve learned to ignore it; to brush away the signs and signals when they come because we can’t define a logical source for the information.

In essence we’ve learned to turn off one of our most valuable resources – a more “connected-with-God” way of knowing, if you’d like to consider it as such. And if it was even remotely possible to get information directly from the Source of All Wisdom about what we should do or where we should go or who we should see next, it would truly be a waste not to use it, don’t you think?

These nudges come out of the blue sometimes, and they say the strangest things. Stuff that hardly makes sense at the time sometimes, but that comes into a clearer picture later on. The hardest part is just to trust them.

How do you know what you’re internally hearing, seeing, feeling or knowing is actually something you should be paying attention to and using? In shortest terms there is no definite answer.

So the secret is to start noticing those nudges when they come and start paying attention to what they’re telling you. Then, as long as you aren’t doing any harm to anyone or are doing something that risks your life, go with your gut and see where it takes you. You’ll probably find with some practice that you’ll get a better and better idea about which messages to listen to and which to discard.

And when you can more accurately tune in to the proper channel, so to speak, you might discover something truly amazing…

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