One Crash-and-Burn of Roller Coaster Emotions

As gifted adults, we often have intense feelings about so many things.  When things are good, they’re really good.  And when they’re bad, they’re really bad.  The trouble comes when we complicate a negative situation with a bigger problem…

When we’re stressed about something we try to relieve that stress by looking for something pleasurable that makes us feel better.  So what do so many people do?  Eat!

Unfortunately that not only doesn’t help solve the problem we experienced in the first place, it creates another one, or many more, in the form of obesity and the possible subsequent health problems.

Learning to pay attention to how our bodies feel and what they’re telling us when we’re feeling positive will help us stay in tune with them when our feelings tumble way down.

Our bodies let us know when they’re hungry and when they’re not.  They tell us if what we’ve eaten is bringing us benefit or not.  We just have to teach ourselves to watch and listen for the signals, and then follow them!

If you’ve ever found yourself or someone you know in the fridge way too often when emotions hit a low, there’s an article that you may find very helpful in getting back on track.  It starts like this:

When to Say When

by MorningWind

Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re satisfied. Simple advice? Yes. A simple philosophy to practice? Not so much. But becoming better in tune with your body’s satiety signals is the first step in mastering your food Comfort Zone. Here are some basic guidelines that can help you better understand when to say when…  Read More

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  • Marfusha

    Ah, I think it affects me.

    I feel like going and getting rid of this habit, though. It’s not very often that this happens.

  • MorningWind


    Getting rid of this habit starts one step at a time.

    This article that I posted is from weight watchers.

    One doesn’t need to join this program to control emotional meeting.
    What is important is that you have support as you get rid of this habit…maybe teaming up with a friend or family member.

    Losing weight is about less calories in and more calories burnt.

    The key is to stay motivated. I literally had to do this for Allah. Losing weight for other reasons came secondary.

    Ask yourself why you want to get rid of this habit. The why is more important than the how.