Gifted people everywhere, we’re looking for you!

If you ask intellectually gifted people about the challenges they face, one of the items in their lists is almost always finding other people like them. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.  Find people like them.  Are you in?

Intellectually gifted people compose 3-5% of the general population.  (Yes, people have different ideas about the exact percentage, but most will agree it’s somewhere around there.)  No matter what number you’re most comfortable with, I’m sure it’s a rather small one.  So finding people to connect with can really be a challenge.

What have we decided to do?  Challenge the challenge!

At 1am EST on January 16, 2011, the estimated current world population was 6 894 550 871 people.  Assuming we’re considering 5%, that means that there may be approximately 344 727 544 gifted people in the world.  Awesome!

Looking at that number I’d say that we really do have company.  It’s just a matter of finding it.

Being the super adventurous visionaries that we are around here, we’ve started a Facebook group called “On the Edge: Gifted Adults Redefining Possible”.  Your job?  Of course to join the group!  And add your friends who fall into the gifted category as well.

The possibilities are endless…

We aren’t going to ask you to submit test results or prove your giftedness specifically.  We’ll leave that to MENSA.

We’re just going to gather people together who know they’re gifted for sure, who’ve been told they’re gifted by someone other than their mom, or who have a rather good idea that they are.  (If you aren’t quite sure where you stand, you might like to try this giftedness quiz.)

Yes, these are relatively loose restrictions, but not everyone on the planet has access to assessments and we don’t want to exclude anyone who could potentially change the world.

So are you up for it?

If you don’t have a Facebook account it’s easy to make one.  You can use it only for joining this group if you’d like.

And for those of you who are wondering, we aren’t being compensated by Facebook or anyone else for that matter.  We’re doing this for a bigger purpose.

Please don’t invite all your Facebook friends, or your very best buddies if they aren’t gifted.  Choose your add-ins carefully and make every person count.  Remember, the focus is on the 5%.

We’re taking the first step today.  Let’s see where we can go together!

Sign into Facebook and join On the Edge: Gifted Adults Redefining Possible now.

See you there!

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  • Fizziologie

    I am gifted, but would never join a facebook group called ‘World’s Largest Collection of Intellectually Gifted People”… terribly pretentious and egotistical – particularly to those who don’t fall into that category.

    • Alanna D’sylva

      I think the title of the group should be changed?

    • Somebody

       That’s how they weed out the non-gifted folks.  🙂

    • giftedforlife

       The group is actually called, “On the Edge: Gifted Adults Redefining Possible”.