Roller Coaster Emotions

It’s amazing how intricately our emotions are tied into our physical health. And when you’re gifted and your more acute sensitivity to so many things so often influences how you feel about things and about the world around you, you’ve got to keep your guard up.

It’s very easy to spend your life on an emotional roller coaster because you experience things so deeply. Connecting with the small children you see happily playing in a playground, for example, can send you off on an emotional high.  But when you notice the one child sitting alone with tears in his eyes as he watching everyone else slide and swing, you may find yourself taking a heart-crashing dive.

So what do you do?  Feel the emotions that run through you, because their presence is part of what makes you unique.  Then ask yourself if there’s something you can do to make the situation better.  If the answer is yes, then do it.  If the answer is no, then recognize that the situation is out of your hands and promise yourself that you will make a difference next time you are given an opportunity to do so.

Just like with an actual roller coaster, you have to go through the ups and downs and spirals — there’s no way to get off — but you also have to make sure that you’ve got your shoulder bars pulled down tightly enough to keep you in your seat.

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