Why are you failing if everything is working?

You’ve achieved good marks in school and have a decent job to go to. You have food on the table, a few dollars in the bank, and relationships that certainly aren’t the worst in the world.  So why does it feel so much like you’re failing?

On some level you have big aspirations for yourself.  You know what you’re capable of, at least to some degree, and that certainly isn’t what you have happening in your life right now.  So why can’t you change?  Why can’t you become something more and actually feel like you’ve used your time and ability well?

Because you’ve done just well enough.  Well enough to keep you stuck in the pattern you’ve gotten yourself into.  Well enough to get you by, and to hold you comfortably in the same rut for the next 10, 20, 30 years.

And change looks frightening.

To be, do or have something different would mean pushing yourself outside of everything you’ve established as being stable and acceptable in your life.  Being gifted, you’ve probably spent way too much time standing on the outside looking in as it is.  To go back to being in the out crowd or lost among a sea of possibilities likely doesn’t sound very appealing.

But here’s the thing.  From somewhere deep inside you, you will always be called to do something more, to be all that you can be, and to give some part of yourself back to the world.  And if you don’t answer that voice, the feeling of failure will hang around indefinitely because your truest self knows what you are supposed to be doing.

Change usually isn’t fast or easy, but breaking the chains that bind you to mediocrity will give you the freedom and fulfillment that your heart is begging you to find.

So if it looks like all is well on the outside of your life, ask yourself if all feels well on the inside.  And if the answer is no, take the first step toward making some changes today.

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  • http://www.howtoinlife.com Edith Johnston

    Expressing ourselves is key to not feeling a void inside. Change is difficult and resistance will raise its ugly head, however, acknowledging your gifts, developing those talents to express your abilities with significant (for you and/or the community) is part of your make-up. Yep is is uncomfortable either way, but you will have more “happy dances” being who you are! Thanks Sonia for continuing to stimulate thought and action.