Finding the Freedom

I can’t believe how energizing, exciting, liberating it is when we as gifted adults finally start putting all of the pieces together for ourselves.  You start learning about what being gifted means; understanding why the world has been so different for you than it has been for other people you know; acknowledging and appreciating all aspects of your uniqueness.

For many of us, during discussions like these is where we realize for the first time in our lives that there isn’t something wrong with us.  Because we’ve felt so much on the outside of things for so long, thinking we’ve had some kind of hidden problem that we couldn’t reveal to anyone else for fear of becoming a total outcast on all levels, when the curtain is lifted it’s a kind of freedom we’ve never experienced.

For you, gifted adult reading these words, if you ask yourself if you’ve found your own freedom yet what will you be able to answer?  I hope you will be able to say yes and that it’s truly exhilarating.  But if you are still stuck in the no stage, hang around here for a while, hook up with a few more people like yourself, and rediscover the feeling that’s been under wraps since probably before you can barely remember.

I know it will be worth the wait.

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  • Lola

    It is liberating. I can throw off the shackles of ‘why do you do so much?’ and ‘why are you always so busy?’ and ‘don’t you want to relax?’ and ‘you have too many interests’ and just be fully self expressed as I was growing up when I did languages, and art and drama and music and ballet and modern and jazz and travelled and everything and it was normal….Phew! Thank goodness!

    • Sonia Dabboussi

      Being everything you want to be and knowing that’s perfectly OK is absolutely liberating as you’ve said. Too often we restrict ourselves trying to make other people happy when we put ourselves on hold instead.

      It’s awesome to know you have expressed yourself so fully in so many ways. Congratulations! I hope your words here will be an inspiration to those who haven’t yet been able to bring their whole selves forward into the world. 🙂