Restructuring the Gifted at Work

If I asked you where you would go if you really needed to get something important done, what would you say? People usually have a variety of different answers, but strangely enough, few of them ever say…

…to work!

Very many people spend their days in a workplace where their time is structured in blocks – meeting time, lunch time, computer time, break time, etc. But for those who thrive on things like ingenuity, growth or inventiveness, this system make accomplishing something significant nearly impossible. The creative mind simply doesn’t work in cooperation with a timer.

Being in a job where our lives are incredibly structured actually tends to inhibit our abilities to be as creative as we can be. Just when we’ve nearly found an incredible solution to a long-standing problem, our colleague shows up with a question, or we’re reminded of a meeting we need to attend in 5 minutes, or the designated time period is over and we need to move on.

Having some freedom when it comes to how we work can be immensely productive and beneficial. Jason Fried, who explains why work doesn’t happen at work, has some ideas about how we can do this. Check out his TED Talk.

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