Gifted Introverts, This Question is For You

There are many more gifted introverts than gifted extroverts.  So many gifted people, adults and children alike, tend to keep to themselves, enjoying the company of a good book, or friends in small numbers.  Some, of course, love being with a lot of people, enjoy crowds, and wouldn’t know what to do without a lot of commotion, but they are the minority.

So for the prefer-to-stay-home or prefer-to-stay-in-my-room majority, a challenge arises.

What do you do when it comes to physical fitness?

Very many athletic activities occur in the form of teams with large and small groups of people.  Others, like yoga for example, even though they are individual ‘sports’, still often take place in classes of many people.

So here are the questions:

  • What do you do to maintain your level of physical fitness if you are a gifted introvert?
  • How do you make sure your health stays in focus when you’d rather be hiding out than hanging out?

I’d love to hear your responses.

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  • MK

    I’ve always loved skipping.

    • Gifted

      That’s an interesting one. I hadn’t thought of that!

      • Kay Slimani


  • Marfusha


    Very relaxing, by the way.

    • Gifted

      Hmm… I don’t know much about Aikido, yet. 🙂
      I’ll have to check into it a bit to learn more.

  • KC

    I hike or ski. I really have a lot of fun. What I also like about these activities is I can be alone if I want to be.

    • Gifted

      That’s an awesome idea! Finding things that work both as an individual and as a group is a great way to have company when you want and be alone when you want. Thanks!

  • Mindy

    This is a problem. One I’m trying to overcome with Wii “Just Dance.” Dancing in the privacy of my living room, but it’s fun.

    • Gifted

      Someone I know once told me she used Wii Fit as one of her big sources of keeping healthy. It was a form of exercise she could do without having to find her way to a gym to do it.

      I haven’t explored the Wii all that much, but it sounds like it’s worth the investigation.

  • Electrically

    If I have to go somewhere, I ride my bike or walk. I dedicate some time to alone-in-my-room workouts.

    And when I am starting to feel achey or drowsy from inactivity, call a “dance break”; turn on an up tempo song and dance wildly for the duration. It’s silly, but also fun and energizing.

    • Sonia Dabboussi

      Sometimes it’s the most seemingly crazy things that make us feel the best. When we can actually get up and do them it’s so energizing!
      Thanks for the ideas.

    • giftedforlife

      Sometimes it’s the most seemingly crazy things that make us feel the
      best. When we can actually get up and do them it’s so energizing!

      Thanks for the ideas.

  • Garciajm530

    Walking is great because I can still be up in my head, as long as I watch traffic too.

  • Moira

    One of the most disappointing things about schools nowadays is the emphasis on team sports as a way of “combatting” obesity. In my experience, having a bunch of kids throw dodgeballs at my face did not increase my muscle tone. I lost a lot of water weight by crying, though.

    Some of the most creative people in history have developed their ideas during long walks. Going for walks during the winter is good for fitness because you’ll burn more calories keeping warm, and you’ll develop better balance by trying not to slip on the ice ^_^

    Another way to keep fit is to do giant works of art. Someone who grows a beautiful, iridescent, fragrant flower garden can get a lot of exercise by digging, walking around, crouching, etc.

    Lastly, (and this one is perhaps inaccessable and inappropriate in many cases) someone who enjoys one-on-one time could embark on (consensual) physically intimate adventures with a romantic partner. Now that I have a boyfriend, I am so happy that I can finally do this stuff!

    Hope you enjoyed my three cents ^_^

  • Kay Slimani

    I still didnt take my sport team subject in my college, because I dont like ….. well …. you know. 
    So I m planning to take it on summer term, for only 3 weeks so I could actually not indulge in it the whole semester!
    Gooooooood Plan for me! 😀

  • HSPJaime

    I will admit that sometimes the idea of going to the gym, even the idea of running outside in a busy neighbourhood, is just too overwhelming for me…on those days I opt for a workout video or some free weight toning and strengthening exercises that I can do at home.  But I still think it’s an important experience to be part of a group or team, so I highly recommend doing a group activity at least once a week, even if it seems daunting.

  • Goldie

    This is an old post, but I’ll add my two cents: mountain biking! I get to be alone in the woods, plus the technical challenges keep my mind so focused that it’s almost like meditating.

  • Red

    I run. Alone. I feel free and so free and it is very therapeutic for me. Now if the weather doesn’t permit it, I do circuits at home. Usually around midnight everybody would be asleep.. 🙂