Are you doing or being?

Is there really a difference between “doing” and “being”? Can we be doing something and being in the moment at the same time?

The key difference between the two is the awareness or lack thereof to what is occurring in the here and now.

When we are “doing” something (different than being), awareness of self and of the moment, is missing. We can be watching TV. We can be surfing the web. We may be eating. We can be doing our everyday work. There is a zillion ways we can be “doing” something (not to say these activities are only done unconsciously). While we are doing we can drift into a form of awake sleep. Our presence of mind can be far away. One of the most powerful motivations for doing is that it allows us to avoid what we might be feeling. If we are only doing something, the chances of learning in the moment are diminished.

When we are “being” on the other hand, we have presence of mind. It is the awareness of what is in this moment. The key with being is that we can be in the moment and get things done. We just do it with consciousness. When we choose to be conscious throughout our day we are more likely to see and learn from our experiences than we would if our awareness is elsewhere. The more often we practice living in the moment the more we are capable of creating what we want in our life. Being allows us to harness our personal power.

~ written by Ted Mersino of Pivotal Growth

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