On the Edge of a Global Evolution

What if you could stand on the crest of the wave of a global evolution? What if you could be the one to help change the lives of people world wide? Well you can, and you are, so will you?

We all have passions that motivate and excite us, whether they be extremely visible in our lives or still hiding in the depths of our hearts and minds. These passions that burn inside us are our clues to our mandated missions – our life purposes, the jobs that we were designed to do, our designated destinies.

As gifted adults, or gifted adults in the making, our life purposes are huge! We have MASSIVE mandated missions because we have talents, skills, abilities and sensitivities that rock the charts. And they’re there for a reason. We go through the struggles we do so that we can handle the challenges we were made to face and succeed on the level we were specifically designed for.

The time has come for us to stop hiding behind our adapted-to-the-world selves and start living at our fullest, doing anything and everything that we are motivated to do that would help make our world a better place. It’s time to be who we really are.

As Chris Anderson discusses in the video below, a worldwide phenomenon is taking place called Crowd Accelerated Innovation which is making the possibility for positive world change simpler than ever before.

That means that the world has nearly reached the stage where it is ready for all of us and everything we have to contribute. We’re standing on the edge of a global evolution. Wow!

Are you ready?  What steps will you be taking today?

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