Is giftedness really a gift, or is it something else?

We usually think of a gift as a positive thing. We’re happy when we receive one, and often just as happy when we give one. So why does it feel so bad if we think of ourselves as ‘gifted’?

It’s all in the way we perceive it. Whatever happens to us in our lives, the actual events, are not really what we experience at all. Things happen in our environment, our senses pick them up and send them to our brains, and then we interpret what those things mean. And it’s the interpretations that we consider to be the truths of our world.

So when it comes to giftedness, once again we send the events of our lives through the filters of our past experiences and our previous thoughts and then decide what really happened to us. This is usually an unconscious process, but it happens nonetheless.

And what have we far too often learned about giftedness and those who are gifted? People tell us that gifted people think they’re ‘special’, that they have something that other people don’t and that makes them better in some way. They say that those who are gifted want to take educational resources away from other people who need them more, and that they’re selfish because of it. They ‘remind’ us that giftedness is just an attempt at gaining some sort of status symbol and therefore gifted people are looking for ways to take advantage of everyone else.

Do we think we’re better than others? No.
Do we want to take things away from people who desperately need them? No way.
Do we want to be thought of as selfish, haughty or monopolizing? Definitely not.

So what do we do? We reject the gifted and giftedness. And when we are gifted that means that we reject ourselves. How weird is that? It’s strange, I know, but it does happen, and much more often than we’d like to admit.

The solution is to see and accept our giftedness as it is, as we experience it from the inside. We need to recognize what negative thoughts and behaviours we’ve adopted from somewhere else and get rid of them so that we can be comfortable in our own skin. We need to trust ourselves and find support from one another so we can become everything we were meant to be, just like everyone else.

This 3-minute video isn’t about giftedness, but it is about recognizing the influence of how we perceive things on the way we live our lives.

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  • Marfusha

    This video gives across so much. So much that simply cannot be described in words.

    I experience that sensation.
    The way I am proves to make my life so much more difficult, gives me problems with socializing, teachers, schoolwork… Makes me forever out of sync, forever on different wavelengths.

    And yet I do not want to be another way.
    I would not rather be a normal person.
    No matter how much pain being gifted brings me, no matter how much of a curse it seems, I would never trade it in for a normal life. Ever.

  • Tanner Stricklin

    I am with you Marfusha! I feel sound, I breath in knowledge, and I see the colors and the forces of the winds of change. Synasthesia at it’s finest! ❤️ Sending love and energy to any and everybody out there. You are not alone in the world. You are a light and being of absolute power. Embrace and love the idea of you and your world around you. You are not alone ❤️✌️Peace