How To Make An Internet Vision Board – An Effective Step Toward Realizing Your Dreams

You have a dream.  Maybe it’s becoming a recognized artist or helping the needy in Africa.  Deep down inside you know what it is for you.  But how do you go about making the dream real? Here’s your first step…

Make a free vision board to use yourself every day, to share with friends and family, or to publish on the internet on your website, blog or Facebook page!

A vision board – basically a bulletin board that contains pictures and words that describe your goal or dream – helps you clarify exactly what you’re looking for.  Designing an online vision board means you can add action and sound, making the picture of your ‘future destination’ all the more clear and alive.

Find the pictures you love on the internet or use the ones in your favourite photo album.  Edit them as you please with software like Photoshop or Gimp (this one’s free) and include motivational sayings or words that capture what you’d like your life to include.  Then add in sounds that inspire you or remind you of the place you’d like to be.

By putting your unique message out there on a public vision board you will both be broadcasting your thoughts to the universe (who knows what help is out there listening?), as well as gaining insight into yourself by discovering the different ideas which come to you during the creating process.

Take time to work on this site or post regularly, so that your mind’s eye stays focused on those things which are most important to you. Sometimes just organizing your problem or goal in a different medium can change the way your brain approaches it, and may lead to a flash of incredible insight.

Things you can include:

  • Pictures of what you want.
  • A description of what you want.
  • A description of you.
  • A description of what obstacles you face.
  • What you envision as your ideal situation, starting with phrases such as “I have…” or ‘I am…”
  • How you’d like the world or individuals to help you.
  • What would you like to give back to the world or individuals.
  • And some way of contacting you, like an email address or Facebook link, if you want people to be able to reach out with help or connect!

By posting on the net, you’re reaching out to almost two billion people. And while it sometimes takes a while for your site to be noticed, you’re more likely to attract help on your goal if you put it out there than if you don’t. In fact, once you have your site or posting up, you can bring help your way by contacting other people on the internet who seem like they have goals similar to your own, and could share insight, join you in your cause, or know people who would.

One free online vision board service you can use to make your own 30-second movies using your own pictures, words, video clips, sounds and animations is  (If you really like these you can purchase a higher level account that gives your more options and a longer time frame to work with, but in the beginning, a 30-second movie should be just fine.)

Once you’ve made your movie, post it on your website, blog or Facebook page to help get your ideas out there.  You may be surprised at what happens next!  Are you ready?

Get your vision board started now!


Addition:  Here’s a great example from a friend of mine.  I could tell just by watching it that it was hers – she really captured the essence of what’s important to her.  Take a look.  It’s called  Free People.



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