How to Boost Your Memory

How many times have you forgotten a hugely important piece of information and kicked yourself for it afterward?  And when have you met someone you’re sure you know but their name’s just a blur and your friend beside you has asked you to make introductions? Aaahh!

There’s an amazing way to remember things so that you don’t have to wedge your foot in your mouth quite so often.  It’s simple and you can use it for just about anything.

This is how it works:

1.  Choose 5 rooms in your home that you know well. (I chose the kitchen, the living room, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, and bedroom 3, .)  Picture them very well in your mind and always remember them in the same order.

2.  Choose 5 items in those rooms as reference points. (In my kitchen I chose the table, the water cooler, the sink, the stove and the counter.)  Always keep these in the same order as well and make sure they are relatively permanent. (Your biology book on your desk probably wouldn’t be a good choice, but the desk would be.)  It helps to move in a circular motion around the room when choosing your items because it’s easy to picture them later.

3.  Decide what you want to memorize. You can initially choose up to 25 things.  Once you can do this well, there are ways to add more items so essentially your list can be nearly endless.  (They’ll be a bunch of random words in a few minutes that you can use to test out this technique for now.)

4.  Picture the first item in the list in the first location in the first room. Imagine it there in a crazy, wacky kind of way.  Add in sound and motion if you can.  In my kitchen example, if I wanted to remember ‘magazine’ I could picture a magazine with movie-like pictures about a ridiculous topic standing up in the middle of my table (my first location) all torn and crinkled, crying because of the state that it’s in.  The stranger and more active the image, the easier it will be to remember.

5.  Picture the next item in the next location in the same room. If the next item was ‘keyboard’ I could imagine a small man sitting on top of my water cooler (my second location in the kitchen) screaming and smashing the life out of his computer keyboard, crashing it down on the floor in frustration.

6. Continue location by location and room by room until you’ve finished. Then test yourself.  How many items can you remember?  With a bit of practice you’ll be able to remember all of them.

Get the idea?

Now try for yourself.  Here are 25 random words.  Be creative with them.  (For example, I chose to imagine a keyboard for a computer, but you might want to think of a piano keyboard, or a piece of wood cut in the shape of a key (a key-board).  Let’s see what you can do!

Magazine      Keyboard      Patient        Spacecraft        Belt

Queen            Stereo             Tree              Onion                 Soccer ball

Eye                 Wedge             Handbag      Jet                      Theatre

Ribcage         Rocket           Wrapper       Ladder             Streetlight

Bottle             Bear                 Sock              Spoon               Milk



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