Gifted adults ask, “Why am I so stuck?”

As gifted adults, our minds and bodies have been hard-wired to operate at levels unsurpassed by many other people. We know we’ve got the equipment to do the job, so why are we struggling to live the lives we really want?

There are many reasons why we don’t get what we want.

  • We aren’t clear enough about our deepest desires and as such can’t make them happen.
  • We sabotage ourselves every time we start to get close to where we think we want to be.
  • We think ourselves to death and talk ourselves out of taking physical or emotional risks.
  • We just can’t put our fingers on what’s wrong so we don’t know how to fix it.

There may be some underlying factors that we haven’t considered that could be influencing our daily, and even lifetime, success. This video will give you a few things to think about…


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  • Edith Johnston

    Knowing ourselves is key to the process. Then we need to respect our abilities and develop them. Willem Kuipers discusses the meditation using the labyrinth to quiet and explore how we are wired.

  • Soummiya

    Hello Sonia, 

    I agree with what you wrote. I am currently struggling with items 1 and 2 (in your list). Have you found some clues as to how to proceed to not waste our lives?

    Thank you,

  • pramodini

    Dear Sonia,
    I am obliged by your web. Thanks.
    Pl think that I am lonely in need of advice in India in a small town. I want to reach to you for councelling on line.  wrote yesterday, but still I am facing some communication problems from TBI(Traumatic brain injuries) I need you. pl contact me on my email. It’s difficult for me on any other site. Pl help a gifted adult with borderline son in problem. I become hopeless thinking myself. I am out of my TBI(almost) and I want to start my new life along with you all. I am here in all possible odd environmentpreferably I want studious doctor and advocate to talk. pl give me simple password

  • Djinnia

    where is the video?