Do you have the wall?

Being gifted sets you apart from the rest of the world in so many ways. If it isn’t your intelligence, it’s your sensitivity.  If is isn’t your creativity, it’s your high-speed thinking.  If it isn’t your heightened sense of justice or morality, it’s your perfectionism.  If it isn’t your odd sense of humour, it’s your rebelliousness.  Should I go on?

What this means is that with such a wide variety of unique characteristics all rolled into one, it’s easy to become set apart from others.  And it’s also easy to start protecting yourself from being hurt by those others, too.

When you share your off-the-wall ideas, you get criticized.  When you question the rules, you get chastised.  When you laugh at something no one else seems to think is funny, you get humiliated.  When you reveal the depth of your feelings, you get patronized.

So The Wall begins to form.  The Wall that protects you from the outside world; the wall that you hide behind to protect you from the intensity of yourself.

And then who you are on the inside starts to separate from who you are on the outside because in between you’ve got The Wall.

The Wall causes pain. Great pain.

It hurts because the gap between who you really are and who you know you’re supposed to be becomes wider and wider. The Wall creates that division, and the stronger it becomes the more pain you feel.

The first step in removing that barrier is to realize that it’s there because as soon as you begin to recognize it, you can begin to take it down.

Finding other gifted adults to talk to is a fantastic way to start doing that because you start to see that you’re not all alone in the world with the way you feel or how you understand life to be.  Connecting with others  you can identify with helps all of you to live more authentically.  It gives you permission to be your real self.

And that freedom is soooo liberating!

So if you’re one of that relatively small group of people on the planet who is beginning to recognize the giftedness in yourself, even if no one has ever gave you that ‘title’ before, then share a few words here with the others who have ventured this far.  Take down the first brick, or the first stone, or the first whatever-your-Wall-is-made-of, and feel the fresh breeze start to come through.

It’s time.

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