A Right Brainer: Let it Flow

Call it intuition, a gut feeling, or a still, small voice, you can get answers to your questions in ways that you wouldn’t usually expect. Your inner feelings help you uncover the solutions you’ve already got buried deep inside.

The key is to be able to tap into them.

Free writing is a great way to build your intuitive skills by providing an outlet for those buried ideas. Even if you don’t like writing or can hardly spell your own name, don’t worry. No one will look at what you put down except you.


a) Get a notebook or journal and a comfortable pen, or open up a new text document in your computer. Your writing materials don’t have to be fancy, but they do have to work for you.

b) Write the problem you are working on at the top of the page. Phrasing it as “In what ways can I…” often helps to generate more ideas.

c) Write down anything that comes into your mind. Even if your ideas seem meandering, that’s OK. Don’t judge them or even pay that much attention to what you’re writing for now.

Aim to write for at least five minutes without stopping. If you feel like you’re getting stuck, ask yourself questions like, “What should I do?”, “What are my choices?”, or “Where have I seen something like this before?” to get going again.

d) When your time is up or you’ve run out of free-flowing words, then go back and read what you’ve written. Ignore your spelling, grammar and the neatness of your writing. Just look at the ideas that have come through. What can you find there that will help you?

The more often you write, the easier the process will become, and the greater the number of ideas you will generate. You may be surprised at how great you actually are!



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