A Right Brainer: The Doodle Solution


Your mind expresses its contents to you in many different forms, sometimes in ways you wouldn’t imagine.  The problem is that you don’t always get the message.

So how do you make sure you aren’t missing the important things you’re supposed to know?  Will an inspiration come in the form of a picture?  A word?  A sound?

The answer is actually all three, and more.  It might come as a feeling, or even something physical in your environment.  Recognizing this helps you to identify resolutions in whatever manner they appear to you.

When was the last time you really tuned into a sound, or feeling or image that popped up in your mind?


a)      Get a piece of paper and draw a border around the edge, leaving some space at the top. Your border can be any shape or size, just make sure you’ve got lots of room inside.  Think of it like a picture frame for your ideas.

b) Write your problem down at the top of your paper above the top border.

c)      Relax, close your eyes and reflect on your problem for a few minutes. What do you need to know?  What obstacles might be in your way?  What is the most difficult part of this problem?

Let your mind offer you pictures, symbols or scenes that represent solutions.  Draw these inside the border on your paper.  Let these images flow freely and record them in any way they appear.  Doodle wherever your thoughts take you.

d)     When you reach a sense of completeness, take a look at what you have drawn. What impressions do you get?  What jumps out at you?

e)       Under each diagram or picture write the first word that comes to mind. Again, don’t hesitate to put down your initial impressions, even if they don’t seem to make much sense right now.

f)        When you look at your words, think about how they can relate to your problem. What can you see in these words?  What messages speak to you?  Which feelings arise?  What questions pop into your head as you read them?  Pay close attention to the messages that come in any form because they may lead you to a breakthrough.

Scribbling on paper helps you to put abstract ideas into concrete form.  Taking the images in your mind and putting them in front of you helps you begin to understand them, and adding words to the images gives you a definite way to express those thoughts.

Then the sky’s the limit!



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