Complex and Stuck – How to Let Go and Live

As gifted adults, we are complex people, and that characteristic, along with others, can very easily lead to us feeling stuck in our lives, our relationships and our jobs. So what can we do to let go and live? Taking a look at some of the things that hold us back and what we can do to begin releasing them will be our first topic in our Facebook Conversation series. You’ll be able to connect with other gifted adults to share your experiences and gain some new insights into yourself.

Links to the conversations will be listed in a private section of the forum here at Gifted for Life so that you’ll have the freedom to say exactly what you need to say among others who understand where you’re coming from.

At 8pm EDT on Thursday, April 7, 2011, come join the conversation!

(And after April 7, use the same link to read the transcript.)

If you haven’t registered for the site yet, do that here so you can log in directly for the conversation and/or read the transcript.

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