Mastering Gifted Emotions

Creativity, learning and curiosity are the lifeblood of gifted adults. We are always in search of something new to explore, and have interests in very many areas.  And we are this way, not because we just like to do or know something more, but because we have to.  Our brains are almost always in high gear and crave information in nearly any form we can get it.

This is both a gift and a curse at the same time.  A gift because it means life can always be full of adventure; a curse because when we aren’t learning something new it’s like being in jail, and blindfolded, and earmuffed.

Our emotions can drop us down to such a low level when we aren’t fully experiencing our world that we can even reach a level of depression.  We come to a point where we almost need intellectual stimulation in order to survive.

So what do you do if you start feeling down about yourself, about your life, or even about life in general?  The answer now should be more obvious.

Explore!  Learn!  Discover!

And don’t listen to anyone who may be critically asking you if you’re running off in a new direction again.

Bringing yourself back up to an on-top-of-a-mountain kind of feeling can be very easy, just by delving into an area you haven’t yet discovered.  Maybe the topic of your interest could be a tangent of something you read earlier, a thought you had when you experienced something, an object you saw, or even a sound you heard.

Your imagination can take you in a number of wild and wacky places, so let it!

Take some time to allow yourself to bask in the thrill of the new, and really enjoy that super-charged feeling.  And know that place is where you were really meant to be.

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  • organizedchaos

    We come to a point where we almost need intellectual stimulation in order to survive.- So true. Often times I receive criticism when I make a statement along the above line as a response to people when they ask why I’m “wasting” my time reading “crap” that’s never going to feed my future goals…and the wall becomes fortified in my head…