If You Could Only Find Your Passion…

Isn’t that what they say?  Find your passion and live your dreams?  Pick the thing you absolutely love the most and do it?  Choose something, study it in insane detail and become the expert on it?

Well, I’ve got some bad news for you.  If you think you’re going to spend the rest of your life trying to do that you’re in for a big disappointment!

(I bet that wasn’t the statement you expected!)

YOU are gifted.  And that means something very important – you can never find just one passion, because by default you are passionate about a ton of things!

Maybe you love cars, and drawing, and cooking shows, for example.  If you’re trying to decide which ones of those to give up so that you can choose the other one as the passion you follow for the rest of your life, you’ll never be able to do it.  Nor should you.

Being a gifted adult means that you’re interested in many aspects of our planet and everything around it.  And you’re good at many things.  And you have many kinds of skills, abilities and passions that you need to share with the world.

Instead of trying to find the “one big thing” you want to spend the rest of your life doing, look for the things you love, at least for now, and do those.  And when you’re done with them move on.  Other people do that, so why shouldn’t you?

So if anyone asks you which single passion you plan to follow, tell them none.  And if they have to ask you why, they wouldn’t understand anyway.

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  • http://www.equalsociety.com Elena

    Wow, its like you were reading my mind I have tried to give up but i cant 🙁 seems so hard and people say u cant be good at all give something up!!! Such a shame

  • organizedchaos

    True; however, we live in a materialistic society where monetary gain is a must in order to survive. When that notion is considered then one must work. Work and work related activities (e.g., work, rest, work related orientation literature), often times, take the majority of one’s time. Therefore, I come to the conclusion that I have little time to myself. So then, am I defined by the work I do to survive or do I define myself based on the little time I have to myself to pursue my passions? Some people might say “make your work your passion” and just like that problem solved. Well take this example: I practiced martial arts throughout my life, but lets face it I’m never going to be the next Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) and make millions of dollars.

    So maybe neither of the above 2 questions are true. Sometimes I wish I did have in such a society but someones gonna have to put bread on the table-so I go out and work and it’s like a vicious cycle of adapting to a new job vs. fulfilling my passions and not doing anything at all vs. finding motivation to get out and finding work.

    Where does one find an equilibrium?

  • Londiwe Mpoko

    Phew,what a relief to know that I don`t have to choose one thing.I was beginning to feel like a complete and utter failure as I start and don`t finish.I believed that there was something implicitly wrong with me.It is such a burden to have to think that one has to `be` something or `do` something in order to count.I hate this materialistic world.I wish I didn’t have to work as I hate my job.Any ideas that might help me?