How do you know who you are?

Have you ever thought about that question, “How do you know who you are?”

It’s an interesting one to consider.

At first glance, especially as a gifted adult, you might think that you have chosen who you are.  You decided what you would be like, who your friends would be, how you would dress, what decisions you would make.

Or you might say that you were predisposed to be a certain way; that you were born like that.

But what if the actual answer was both, neither, and something else altogether?

Very much of who we are comes from what other people tell us about ourselves.  We may have a tendency to be one thing or another, but the choices we make often have a strong basis in other people’s opinions.

Have you ever had a teacher who said, “Boy are you ever good in math!” and suddenly math seemed easier than it was before?  Or what about a parent who said, “Why are you always so messy?” and your room could never seem to stay clean?

On some level the things that people have told us about who we are is who we have become.  Is that idea a little bit painful?  Probably, but that’s OK.  That’s a very normal response to a hugely provoking realization.

So the question now becomes, “Do you like who you are?”  I don’t mean that in a general way, but in a more specific piece by piece way.  Do you like how good you are in math, or how clean your room is?

If the answers to these types of questions for you are yes, then great!  If the answers are no, then recognize that you can do something about them.

Now here’s the kicker.

Since you are gifted and have likely been very often misunderstood by so many of the people around you, there could be a rather large part of yourself that has been shaped by inaccurate thoughts or words.  Ouch!

But it isn’t the end of the world.

In fact, it’s just the beginning.

Now you can begin developing more of an awareness of who you are and can start making more conscious choices about what it is that you want that to be.

Is there something you’ve always felt deeply about that you haven’t shared with anyone before because you feared rejection?  Find someone you trust and share it.  Are there words you’ve wanted to write, or pictures you’ve wanted to draw, or fields you’ve wanted to explore that you just haven’t gotten around to?  It’s time to write them, or draw them, or explore them.

Your gifted self is ready to be set free.  The true you is ready to come shining through again.

And the world is waiting.

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