You Can’t Be Gifted If…

If you own a violin, does that make you a violinist?  If you have a pen and paper at your disposal, does that make you a writer?  If you have studied skiing in great depth but have never worn a pair of skis or been down the slopes, does that make you a skier?

By general definition, you can’t be something unless you have experienced it, done it, or participated in it.

So you can’t be ‘gifted’ if you haven’t used your gifts.

You can have thinking processes that outdo the newest and best computers, or you can have feelings and emotions that are deeper than the depths of the oceans, but if you don’t do anything with them they really aren’t any good.

As gifted adults, in many cases we have learned to turn off, or at least tune down, our gifts in order to fit in with the rest of the world.  We haven’t wanted to be social outcasts or the focus of negative comments, and we’re smart, so we’ve adapted.

But in the process we have, in a way, given up our giftedness.

Now does that mean, if we  haven’t been using our gifts and talents, that we no longer have the things that are so strongly a part of us?   No.  I just means that we haven’t been truly able to call ourselves gifted in the fullest sense.

And that definitely needs to change.

So if you really want to be gifted, and you have everything inside you that says you can be, then it’s time to start making use of those gifts.  Sitting back thinking about them doesn’t help much.  You have to get out there and DO something.

Today is a new day.

What will be the first change you make today?

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