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Now you’re wondering if maybe there’s something more.

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  • Cathy

    got a 100% on that one !

  • Aura

    Some questions are not very accurate.
    100% and feeling lonely as hell.

    • Sonia Dabboussi

      Aura, if you got 100% it isn’t much of a surprise that you may be feeling lonely. It means that there aren’t many other people in the world like you. There is some great conversation going on here in the forum, and also on Facebook among people who have felt just like you are now. Try joining in the forum or go to The closed group there is called “On the Edge: Gifted Adults Redefining Possible”. A few positive connections may help get you back up on your feet.

    • impact glory

      I am lonely as hell, but even all 4 of you sound like jerks.. I scored 159 on IQ test, mensa sent me the form for membership too,, doesnt mean anything.. EVERYBODY seems to want to claim they are gifted these days… there is alot more to it, such as emotional intelligence, IQ alone doesnt measure it all……………………..        if God doesnt open a path up for me to use these gifts, then it is more of a curse than a gift and life isnt worth living…  I SUCKS being different,, it is only good being different if you become someone, otherwise you are just someone that doesnt fit in… that would be me

      • cyclone

        i wish there was a forum where gifted people could interact and exchange ideas and achievements. i like being alone, i never felt a connection with understanding others, especially as they think differently to me. also scored 100% on this test. have a high emotional intelligence and 130 on the IQ. i’ve just stood a as being weird, and picked on because of it. but i like my weirdness, and wouldn’t change it

      • mj

        Well, I have every sympathy for feeling alone & like you don’t fit in but calling other people “jerks” and having the attitude that being diffferent “sucks” really won’t help you much.. a bit of counselling might… best wishes

      • mj

        P.S. I don’t think of myself as gifted. I’m not even sure how I got on this page, but it may have been a procrastination segway when I was studying intelligence

      • entr0pi

        Hey I don’t know my IQ and never tried mensa, you jerk!! jk haha

        Totally feeling what you’re feeling. so much to give.. it’s like seeing colors people don’t know about, understanding some kind of human physics and psychology that people don’t know about, understanding the delusions of all we believe as humans and at the same time understanding the necessities for believing them, and asking all these questions and making all these predictions that no one seems to have even the slightest freaking clue to even imagine to imagine. I’m living in idiocracy. I’m lonely–I start to believe something must be wrong with me even though I can see it isn’t me (but statistically.. if everyone else…then blah blah blah! what’s the use?.). IT SUCKS. but it’s nice to know there are others. How can I meet them in person? I’m desperate!!!!!!

  • Mjster

    How about some sort of definition or at least  general consesnus on what you mean by “gifted”?  I already know what my IQ is, is “giftedness” more a personality or attitudinal attribute acording to your group?

    • Gifted

       Giftedness does relate to IQ of course, and IQ is usually used as the initial determinant of giftedness.  There are other characteristics that fall into the social and emotional realm that are included as well though.  You might be interested in these:

    • Scarlett

      I hate to say it but “IQ” is not a realistic measurement of intelligence. IQ tests tend to be bias on social and cultural terms. Giftedness however, is more about how you think and not necessarily about what you know. It’s more about “seeing the unseen” and having a complex understanding of things that “normal” people do not. When coming to the realization of certain things in society, gifted individuals tend to feel alone and misunderstood, which are some of the most common emotional traits of giftedness…..

      • godswink

        Well said, I agree with you on your statement. Usually I rule out the IQ part of being gifted instead, I focus on the ideas of knowing things without opening up a book, insights, visions, and dreams about certain things that no one or yourself will ever come across to discuss with others is part of my gift.

        Sometimes I consider myself a little weird, but I tend to stay close to others by keeping these views to myself because many would consider you outside of the coo coo’s nest if you know what I mean…

      • mj

        I know that Scarlett – I studied IQ amongst other concepts of intelligence. In the Western world it is the usual measure though… the thing is defining complex thought as opposed to simply being different from the norm. I don’t believe the two are always the same

  • gentianne14

    I’ve discovered at 30 years old I was gifted. In other words, I found the name of my difference!

    Please visit my blog and add me as friend… Because I feel pretty lonely as well!!


  • David

    I got a 96 percent but I already knew I was gifted. Have been told I was my whole life(have perfect pitch, very good on the Piano, Bassoon, was very good on the violin, was good on the electric bass). Sometimes my brain will go so fast some people thought I wasn’t very smart until I started asking questions that gave them headaches:) Normal stuff for me. How many times I hear statements about me such as “you think way too much.” I do feel alone because people just don’t understand. I felt like my thinking was my curse but maybe I just need to start looking at it differently, embracing it.

  • Chris Fornesa

    93%.  My IQ was only a 125 when I was tested (apparently 130 is gifted but some say that over 120 is so I get confused)…. then again, I can’t say I was the most alert at the time, I got like 3 or 4 hours less sleep than my optimum the night before.  But then the definition of “gifted” on this site is beyond just IQ and relates more towards a way of thinking.  Then alright, great site by the way!  🙂

  • cyclone

    Hi, been reading some of your opinions and I find them really- well put 😉 maybe we could discuss some of these topics. let me know! i won’t post an email address here, so leave a message on my wall.

  • mj

    I can’t really see you page which may say something about my non-giftedness! Hahaha!

  • Rouge Bash

    I don’t know if it is accurate to assume gifted adults are perfectionists for example, i answered no because as i question everything i tend to always find faults and reason to abort things because there is ALWAYS so much better to do in a completly different manner, do you feel the same ?

  • Nix

    I have always felt out of sync with society although I have been able to adapt artificially. I’ve dealt with a lot of depression and finally after many hours of dissecting different mental disorders, I came across adult giftedness. I was initially lured in with ADHD but after reading the many difficulties a gifted person may experience I for the first time in my life felt understood and free! It is not some elitist type categorization but a different way of functioning. I honestly think that most folks who finally learn to accept and understand what role giftedness plays in their life, it usually humbles them. We are skeptics by nature but when you delve into the details of being gifted it makes a person feel whole. I cannot explain it but it gives me a sense of contentment. I think that most gifted adults once “awake” can walk around having a slew of “ah ha” moments and finally being able to put the pieces together. Things start to make sense and you begin to understand who you truly are as a person. I think that living as a GA in this society it is more of a burden than a benefit. I think GAs can’t really be happy unless they can be surrounded by those that can understand or at least interact with them on that level. I’ve always prefaced my relationships with “I am a low maintenance girlfriend by average standards but I need a lot of stimulation”. I never understood what that truly meant until now. That I am an individual that needs a lot of intellectual interaction if not feedback. It makes me happy and whole. I have been lucky to find a friend who is the same as I am and we can have such amazing mind blowing discussions for hours. The combination of full disclosure, truth seeking and endless curiosity with a dab of spontaneity cause for great fireworks. We question the heck out of everything that exists. Hedonistic, hyperactive, humorous heathens. If you are reading this please open your mind and heart to everything that is out there. I will leave you with my most favorite quote:
    “the first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself”. -Plato
    GA friends please e-mail me.

    • Pgp


      Just how I felt all my life.

  • Flor

    Great test, but it would be much better if was a little more objective, say, less dependent of self-perception and something more “measurable”, for example, how unusual is “unusual”?

    My score: 79% 🙂

  • ZEE


  • JosephCuckhold

    “27/28 correct” I didn’t know there were correct answers. This test is stupid and bogus on so many levels. Anyone with actual intelligence usually doesn’t buy into this pseudo-scientific psychological BS in my experience. Maybe that means I’m not gifted. If it removes me from the mental children involved in this type of BS the count me retarded. Further, who is the a**hole who alternated the positions of the yes/no answers? It’s a lot easier to answer questions quickly (while retaining accuracy) when you don’t have that silly, childish ‘trying-to-make-sure-you-think-about-the-question’ crap I saw in the 4th grade. Gifted for life my **s.

    • Fakhri Faitory

      congratulations!! u and i are really gifted!!
      lol people don’t realize that you can be gifted if you want>>

  • foundAndLost

    Warning! Long post. I think that being gifted is not an easy thing to live with. My parents always thought someting was very wrong with me as a child. I almost never cried, liked being on my own and if i do need converstation i tended to talk to grownups. I lived in my own world of made up things, worlds and creatures… even though i knew they didnt exist. After testing and some more testing, i was declared gifted and an introvert. Verified, stamped and was on my way. I was always the loner, the outsider of about everthing. I also had ocd and i am a perfectionist. I hate small talk with a passion. Self critisism and too high goals i set for myself made me wary of sucsess and failure. I need constant new stimulation on all aspects of life. Kids my age, school, day to day activities and just most things bored me to death. I do not like too much human contact. Drives me nuts. Emotions are something you can cantrol. Process, analize, store and discard. And thats a small window opening to what makes me an outsider. As a teenager that did NOT improve. It got worse. Kindergarden was a nightmare for me. Only did one semester. Skipped grade 10 and 11th and did grade 12. I had lots of out of school activities. Piano, freestyle, ballroom, ballet, panflute and guitar. And it still was not enough. I made time to study people. Their behaviour, looks, way of doing things and so on. That always facinated me. Still does. I have difficulty choosing a career. Studied business, pshycology, art and criminology. Still i want to do something else. Altough art is my passion. My soul. I also love writing poetry. There is just so much knowledge out there and i want to know everthing i can
    process and store. I struggle with so much in life. Constant depression, stress, insomnia and anxiety. And i refuse to use medications for it, can overcome it by myself. And i am so freaking tired of forcing myself to fit into everyday life and social circumstances. For people to find me “normal”. There is so much more to being “gifted” and if you put introvert into that mix, it gets complicated. This is just a very short run through of how my life was, is and some experiences. Thanx for listening.

    • Charalize Peres

      I can relate to a lot of things you said. Thanks for sharing(:

    • Daria Angkadiredja

      Very interesting story, I am very respect of your experience as gifted person !

    • entr0pi

      wow this is almost me! how funny the “warning! long post!” I always feel like I need to post this disclaimer–I actually feel this is an excellent symbolism for my constant need to buffer myself for “normal” people. Me, too. I love poetry, writing, and art. I have a background with a psychology degree then went to EMT and nursing.. now I study physics on my own and have a deep desire to get a phD in behavioral neuroscience (maybe that is where I will find my people?? I desperately need to meet my people). All of this and I am not getting paid. I’m 28. My friends who think that evolution is far too much of a crazy out-there idea are getting paid like crazy. My friend who thinks that we have two livers is getting paid well. My friends who cannot imagine beyond the illusions of everyday human-created mindsets and limits are rich. etc. etc. What is wrong with me?? I have so much to give! so many ideas! SO much to present, research, help discover, but, alas–I apparently can’t get through a successful interview.

      You are lucky that people saw your giftedness when you were young. No one saw mine.. except maybe less than a handful of “mentors,” which honestly.. maybe they were the only ones who didn’t think that I was so weird and actually gave me the time of day. So, perhaps I am potentially writing it off as they saw something in me. Maybe they did.. but it never went further than random one-on-one attention, which meant so much to me in a world that wrote me off because they couldn’t understand. I had no friends then. I’ve learned since then.

      But my biggest struggle now is exactly what you are going through–career. How do I bring my potential to a world seemingly run by idiocracy that I still cannot figure out how to pretend enough to assimilate without complete exhaustion? The constant dumbing down/buffering for people and my constant internalization of their fears/uncomfortableness of me. I am coming close. I feel it. I right now hope my way to bring happiness to myself in terms of career is one in research. Maybe through that, I will be able to have a happy foundation where I can be around people like me, ignite my creativity for something useful, and give the world the good I desperately want to help give!

      This is about career, I will not even touch the subject of love/relationship/creating family :p

    • theotherside

      I am you. There are more of us. Your story is my story. : ) It’s when we find out there are others, that we finally understand we were never alone.

      Enr0pi – I am your story as well. We are all the same. I never stopped dreaming of unicorns.

      I finally got all of my answers in just the last year. I am 36. It is a much more difficult existence than before, but at least I no longer search for the “why”.

      My most recent post that sums it up – it is a smattering of quotes with my insights as well. Quite fitting for the new world I now live in. ….

      “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. I’ve come to understand that all my past failures and frustrations were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy.

      Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to
      understand more, so that we may fear less. At one point in your life you either
      have the things you want, or the reasons why you don’t.

      Letting go was hard. Standing up for myself was harder. Accepting the fallout for doing what was right for me was the hardest.
      The end result is a life without fear or regrets or disappointments and
      now only full of joy and happiness.

      There is a rainbow for us all somewhere…. You just have to pick your colours first before finding the one that is right for you : )”

  • Rachel

    Ya the quiz was kind of dumb because it shouldn’t be a yes or no answer, there are no correct answers everybody is different I got 28/28 so 100% but that doesn’t mean much I just happen to be that way doesn’t mean I am gifted. I don’t know what to think about this. I struggle with being lonely and feeling like I don’t fit in but if I was actually gifted I shouldn’t be taking a random quiz online that doesn’t mean anything. Being gifted is not a grade or a score so that kind of put me off. There shouldn’t be correct answers for being gifted. I don’t know I’ve always thought I was stupid and recently people are saying that I’m really smart like scary smart as one person said but I still think I am not good enough that I’m stupid. I am an artist, which I have only recently allowed myself to admit because I always thought I was never good enough and stopped doing art for a while because I got a B instead of an A by 2% in an art course in high school. It was my first B and I was devastated thought I was a failure. I still beat myself up for not getting an A in my undergrad degree 77% instead of 80% does not seem good enough. I always felt like I’m never good enough. Someone asked me what good enough is and I said I didn’t know I just have this feeling that nothing I do is good enough. I don’t know if that means anything.

    • radyafly

      The quiz is not about bring ‘correct’ or ‘wrong’. It’s about ascertaining whether or not you’re a gifted individual. And yes, it’s actually does mean you’re gifted.
      You took a quiz to figure out whether you’re gifted or not, and once you got your results you’re saying it’s pointless to have taken the test because it doesn’t mean anything. That makes zero sense.
      Again, it’s not about ‘correct’ answers or ‘grades’. It’s about seeing if you fit the personality traits that describe gifted people. I don’t see why that’s a problem?

  • Duc Minh

    i personally think the result you get from this test can only be used as a reference, not a definitive answer on whether you are gifted or not as there is no real definition on gifted individual.

  • Iminy Howsen

    100% correct… I always knew that I was different. I’ve learned to live with it anyway. 🙂

  • Juliet Mathews

    I think being gifted makes your parents think you can be better, even when you are the best. I should know, my parents always put thins pressure one me.

  • Clair Skye

    Being gifted and being socially inept don’t have to be aligned with one another. This quiz is not insightful. If you are truly gifted and insightful you would not score 100% on this test. So yes it is scary to test as 100%. You are choosing daily to be an outcast and to not be open to understanding others. Some of these “qualities” are actually not heartful and can be overcome if one strives to be better within themselves. The question of loneliness stands out to me to start. There is a stark difference between being alone and being lonely. Another question asks about feeling different than others. Who doesn’t feel unusual or different? If you are truly a gifted and integrated human being wouldn’t you feel at one with every human on this planet? Being “gifted” is an ego concept that makes you feel good about being better than others. But we all know that being a good person is much more important. Being labeled gifted or special isn’t what life is about. If you are truly gifted you care for others more than if you are gifted. You see the gift in others not yourself.