A Bit of Fun

Since gifted adults crave knowledge, information and learning, here are a couple of fun tidbits of information for you to share with your friends…

  • the little dent in your upper lip under your nose is called the philtral dimple (I guess that means everyone has at least one dimple!)
  • your earlobes and your nose continue growing as long as you live
  • the difference between a fruit and a vegetable is that a fruit continues to ripen after you pick it whereas a vegetables doesn’t (that’s why tomatoes are fruit)
  • the distance between your wrist and your elbow is the same size as the length of your foot (I won’t tell if you test it out!)


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  • http://www.bythemorninglight.wordpress.com MK

    Hmm, so since my foot grew a full shoe size during my 3rd pregnancy, does that mean my arm did too? 😛

    I guess I’ll never know! lol

    • Gifted

      I’m not exactly sure that’s how it works. 😉

      • organizedchaos

        Did you measure your foot post-partum?
        I think it should return back to normal:S