It’s Our Choice

As gifted adults we are faced with a unique challenge: to take all that we are and all that we can be and use these to absolutely change the world.

The difficulties we face and the insights we experience every day happen for a reason. Our gifts are there for a reason. Our difference from so many other people is there for a reason.

We must ask ourselves if we are willing to accept the weight of our responsibility and move forward with it, or if we will just let time pass by with limited benefit to anyone.

Will we choose to stand on the shore and watch the ocean, or will we get up and surf on the wave of life?

Think about this:

Whether you are one in a million or one of the millions is up to you.

Cultivate the characteristics that make you unique and tap into your deepest potential and you will deliver to the world what it requires…the distinctive gifts that no one but you has to offer.

Stand tall. Rise above the mists of complacency. Make the most of this opportunity you have been given.

What will you do?

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