And the Battle in Your Mind Rages On…

“He said this, she said that.  He rephrased his point and stated it again; she countered it with hers.  And in the end, no one got anywhere.”

Have you ever been in a situation like this before?  Having a conversation with someone that in the end gets you nowhere, or that you give up on just to get it to stop?

Well it’s actually the kind of thing that you have going on inside your head all the time! The 2 halves of your brain – the left, logical, “I know the answer” side, and the right, creative, “Have you thought about it this way?” side – battle for your attention constantly.  And the one you ignore most often will be the one that gives up on the conversation.

And for you, that’s a problem.  If one side ‘stops talking’ you’re missing out on half of the things you could be experiencing!

So what do you do?  You specifically choose to listen to both sides of your brain.  Sometimes you focus on that logical voice; other times you just ‘trust  your gut’.

And you’ll be amazed at what your life looks like when you begin to establish that balance.

But what if one voice has been super dominant so far and you can hardly hear the other?  You give the noisy one something to do and then pay attention to the quiet one.  Like giving a small child a toy to stop him from crying for a minute so you can finish what you’re doing.

I just read something that gives a perfect example of how to do this.  The story’s a lot of fun to read and holds an important key to brain balance at the same time.  Cool, huh?  You’ve got to check it out now (pay attention to “number 5”) at Spilled (Skim) Milk.

And if you want an inside scoop on what this right and left brain battle looks, sounds and feels like, watch the video below.  The title on it sounds boring, but the video is actually fun and interesting, and really makes you think.

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  • Paparanjpe

    Fantastic. I m a doctor having gone through 2 TBI and back after 19 years. I appreciate with my experience what you say.  I want such brillient human friends which I m lacking here for last 56 years of my life. Be a friend.