How to Keep Focus – Or Should You?

I love the picture above because for me it so accurately represents what it often feels like to be gifted.

Being gifted means having interests and passions about many things at the same time.  For some people their interests follow one another where they absolutely adore one subject area for a week or a month, or half a year.  Then they drop that like a hot potato and are excited about something else.  For other people they have a whole cycle of things they want to explore all at the same time, jumping from one to another during a short period of time.

Looking at that scenario from the outside it may seem a bit haphazard or confusing, so does this mean that there’s something wrong here?  Absolutely not.  It just says that gifted adults are very involved in different aspects of their world and are eager to learn and explore all they can about it.  And I’d say that’s a good thing.

I think the more difficult part of this experience is being on the inside of these desires.  The feeling of being super excited is wonderful, but it’s too often followed by a sense of doubt or inadequacy when people around you start commenting on the fact that you’ve changed your focus or life path again.

It’s easy to say just ignore them and do what you want, but it’s another thing entirely to do that, and feel good about it as well.

So how can you keep focus and feel confident with what you’re doing?

You can do it by organizing your home and your time as much as you can.  Make an area in your home where you keep a set of binders, each with it’s own project inside, or a group of cabinets that contain all you need to work on your current passion, or if you’re into writing, a group of blogs on the internet.  When you really feel inclined to investigate a particular subject pull out that binder or open up that cabinet or go to that blog and get to work.  When that passion passes for a time and a new one begins, put away the old binder or materials and take out the next one, or post something on the next blog.

So don’t try to give up on all of your interests and focus on just one.  That will go against everything inside you and will likely cause you undue stress.  Instead, focus on one thing for now until you’re ready to begin the next.  And while you’re focused on the current topic, give it your all and do it the best way you can.

Then you’ll really be able to feel like you’re on top of the world!

By taking these steps you are showing yourself (and anyone else you’d like to show) that you have used your time well and in a visibly constructive way because you have a place to keep all of your thoughts, ideas or projects.  And when the urge strikes to re-explore a topic it’s easy for you to pick up right where you left off.  If you decide at any point in the future to delve further into an area, or become more of an expert in a field, or start your own business in China related to one of your interests, you’ve already got a head start.

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  • MK

    I started this process recently and I can’t tell you how much it has alleviated my anxiety about “losing all my ideas”!

    Whenever the idea of choosing just ONE thing came to me either from others or myself, I’d just feel so trapped and torn apart with anxiety over that prospect.

    So now I have a huge sketch pad I use for random ideas that come to me, like Davinci’s notes, and I have binders for different areas of my life, like home, fashion, health, etc.

    It feels so much better!! Like I’m honoring each topic that drives me. There’s soooo much knowledge to be had, it’s exciting!

    • Gifted

      Wow, I like the “honoring each topic that drives me” part. That’s such a great way to look at it!

      When we permit ourselves to accept our ideas and recognize that their abundance is part of what makes us gifted, it’s much easier to feel good about them. And that’s definitely a step in the right direction.

      Imagine if someone came across your binder set one day. They would feel like they’ve found a magnificent treasure!