Does this make you smarter?

In 2008, Susanne Jaeggi discovered an activity that increased the intelligence of its participants over time.  Would you like to try it?

Susanne Jaeggi discovered that a particular type of game could help its players strengthen a fundamental cognitive ability – fluid intelligence (the capacity to solve novel problems, to learn, to reason, to see connections and to get to the bottom of things).

Practicing this game for anywhere from 15-25 minutes a day is said to increase your working memory, giving you a greater capacity for, not only remembering a telephone number long enough to dial it, but also manipulating information in your mind.

Here you’ll find a link for a game called the Dual-N-Back Application which is similar to the one used by Jaeggi.


And if you’re interested in reading the full article on some of the research and experimentation on this subject, you can check it out below.

New York Times article on fluid intelligence




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