Feel the Rush

OK, so I’m stuck in the perfectionist thing already, just trying to get the right words down here in this computer.  That always seems to be the case.  Well, not exactly always, but it’s still definitely a sticking point for me.

I’ve had many people over the years ‘remind’ me repeatedly that perfectionism is a bad thing.  That it stops you in your tracks.  That it keeps you from actually achieving anything.  And so for a long time I considered myself as having some kind of a problem that needs fixing.

But I discovered that perhaps perfectionism in some way isn’t such a bad thing.  And that it isn’t really a ‘problem’ after all, and that I don’t really need fixing.  (Phew!)

I  learned that this perfectionism is part of me – one of many unique characteristics that make up who I am.  And I also learned that who I am isn’t such a bad thing either.

You see, I realized that ‘who I am’ is gifted.

The process of discovery for me was kind of  like racing downhill, gathering more and more speed as I went.  It was like ‘putting the pieces together’, ‘turning on the light’, and ‘finding what was missing’ all at the same time, too.  In easiest terms I guess you could say ‘it was a trip’.

Now I’d like to invite you to come along on a journey.  To join with me in some exploration and sharing.

And if you’re brave enough to take the first steps and dare to look closely enough on the way, you may just find in yourself a bit of what I found in me.

Any you might even notice that you begin entertaining the idea that perhaps, possibly, you could be gifted, too.

And that means that there could be an evolution on its way for you as well.   A change.  An enlightenment.  A new beginning.

So I guess the question now is, are you ready to find out?

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