Reaching Beyond Age

For the most part people seem to spend time with others who are similar in age to them. They share common school experiences, common life experiences, and even common styles and preferences.

The gifted adult, on the other hand, may not have bonds with others in exactly the same way.

Since gifted traits tend to be what separates us from the rest of the world, it’s these characteristics that draw us to similar people. We may find gifted friends who are our own age, but we are just as likely to find them from age groups both younger and older than ours.

Gifted people bridge the generation gaps more easily than most. The things that draw us to one another include things like strong emotional events, interests in unique topics, similar problems, or even clothing stores.  (Gifted people are often taller than their non-gifted counterparts.  Interesting, don’t you think?)

In general society, if we spend time with people significantly older or younger than we are, others interpret that to mean that we don’t have social skills or can’t relate to others our age.  But in actual fact, our giftedness creates stronger bonds than age does, so for us bridging the generation gap is not only likely, but is even preferred.

So if we find someone we like spending time with whose driver’s license doesn’t expire the same year ours does, we shouldn’t worry, or consider ourselves social outcasts. Instead we should recognize that we are some of the lucky ones who know how to benefit from the knowledge and experience of people all across the lifespan.

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