Giftedness and Education

Education is an area that presents a problem for many gifted people. Sometimes school means being academically successful yet socially ostracized; other times it means failing because we just aren’t excited about or motivated by anything that’s going on; and at yet other times it means just feeling lost, not knowing which way to go or what path to take.

Gifted people need to be creative and expressive, and unfortunately many school environments don’t allow for this at the level required by the gifted. Some people are fortunate enough to join a gifted program, but many are not.  In either case, it is left to be discovered whether or not educating the gifted really does what it’s supposed to do.

Sr. Ken Robinson is a world-renowned expert in education and has some unique ideas about how creativity should be brought into the classroom, not only for gifted students, but for everyone.  The video below will give you some insights into his thoughts and opinions about creativity in the classroom.

Take a look, (enjoy the artwork!), and feel free to share your thoughts on your own school experiences.

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