What’s the toughest part of being gifted?

The discussion about whether or not giftedness is a curse or a blessing is an ongoing one.  My thoughts are that no matter which side you choose, with a little help and some adjustment of focus it can nearly always be considered a blessing.

Part of bringing out the best of your giftedness comes in figuring out what parts are the hardest to deal with and working to make them better.  So tell us what you think.

What’s the toughest part of being gifted? (I was going to tell you which answers are the top ones so far, but I think I’ll let you see for yourself when you’re done. ;))

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  • http://www.bythemorninglight.wordpress.com Manal

    Finding others you can relate to on a deep, deep level. I really don’t know where to look.

    Maybe the library? lol

    I know online I could, but I crave ‘real-life’ interaction at times, where I can experience a full range of emotions.

    • Gifted

      This is something that so many gifted adults are on the look out for – someone else to really connect to, someone who really understands them and with whom they can share themselves honestly and on a deep level.

      Online is at least a place to start. Who knows? Someone you find online might end up being in your neighbourhood. It has happened before!

      By the way, this post might give you a few ideas for some in-person interactions.