Where Can We Find Other Gifted Adults?

Gifted people by themselves compose a relatively small percentage of the population.  Take out everyone who still falls into the child category, and I guess you can say gifted adults are few and far between.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, though.  Of course they do.  But… finding them is a bit tricky.

At least some gifted children can find other people like them in school in their gifted education programs.  And if those children can maintain any of those relationships as they grow, they’ll have a least a couple of gifted friends when they’re grown up.

For everyone who didn’t participate in gifted education, or who maybe didn’t even know they were gifted until they became adults, finding and making connections with like-minded others can be a challenge.

So where can we start to look?

Here are a few things we can do to locate other gifted adults:

1.  One standard response is to check out Mensa.  Obviously we’ll find a lot of really bright people there, and probably a lot of gifted ones as well.  We can find Mensa online or in our local neighbourhoods in some cases.

2.  A little closer to home, we can check out our family members! Giftedness tends to run in families, so if you’re gifted there are probably a few other people you’re related to who are as well.  Who is it for you?

3.  Since giftedness is at least partly hereditary, volunteering or working with gifted students in local schools may give us an opportunity to connect with some of their parents who are also likely gifted, or know others who are.

4.  Participating in activities we enjoy on a personal level can be brought up to a group level.  If we are interested in something, chances are good there are a bunch of others who are as well.  Check local ads in magazines and newspapers, or check online for groups that do the things you like to do.

5.  When you go to the public library or bookstore, hang around in the section of books that you like most.  Don’t just grab a book and go to a common area – read a bit where you find the books you enjoy.  Especially if we’ve got a bit of a typically ‘odd’ interest, other people we find in the same book section might be interesting people to talk to.

6.  Very many gifted children and adults really enjoy helping other people in a variety of ways.  So if we choose a local charity we want to give some time to, or find a group of people who really need some assistance in some way, we’ll probably find other gifted adults there as well.

7.  Finding forums and blogs like this one can be a connecting mechanism between gifted adults as well.  We can find others, not only who live close by, but who live across the planet.  And chances are good that with the world as our open book we’ll definitely find someone we can really relate to in an amazing way.

These are a few places that we can begin to meet other gifted adults.  But I’m sure there are many more.

Where have you found gifted others, and how did you know they were gifted?

Please share!!

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