Isn’t it funny?

I saw a video earlier this afternoon that many people would say is hilarious.  (I’m guessing that it’s popular because of the number of views that it has.)

This is basically how the video went…

  • a lady was getting her car towed away
  • the tow truck driver was checking the hookups on the back tires of the car where it was hitched to the truck to make sure everything was fine before he drove off
  • the lady who owned the car got into her hitched up car, started it and drove away towing the the tow truck

Now to most people watching the video that would be really funny because the lady outsmarted the tow truck driver.

But unfortunately for me ‘really funny’ was ‘really not’.  See, in my head, as soon as the car started to pull away with the truck in tow, I thought “That can’t be possible because the truck would have to be in neutral to be pulled like that and the driver would never hook up a vehicle to his tow truck when it was in neutral because he couldn’t safely attach a car to it if he did.”  And that whole sequence of logic happened in less than a second. That really took the fun out of the video.  Bummer for me, huh?

Now I could be upset at the fact that something that’s so much fun for everyone else just isn’t for me, or I could realize that being gifted means that even ‘funny’ is different for me.  I chose the second option.

I do find many things laughable – just not always the same things as everyone else.  And for me that’s OK.  I admit it’ is sometimes challenging when the whole group of people you’re sitting with are rolling around on the floor with tears of laughter streaming down their faces and you’re just looking at them thinking “What’s so funny?”.  But if that’s the worst of it, I guess I’ll survive.

By the way, if you’d like to see how hilarious you find the video I saw, take a look for yourself:

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  • guest

    I wouldn’t say it was funny because she “out smarted” the tow truck driver, but that I didn’t expect it to work. (I guess it’s an advertisement.)
    Later thoughts:
    She’s going to cause an accident.
    I’m sure even if she doesn’t, she’s breaking at least one law.

  • guest

    Out-smarting = she pushed the gas pedal and they found out it really wasn’t hooked up properly. She drove off.