Free Online Learning Opportunities

Gifted people are always in search of new things to learn, so what better way to do it than through some free online courses,  journals and videos?

Here are a few that you might enjoy:

TED – “Riveting talks by remarkable people.”

This is an amazing video series featuring well known people from around the world who discuss a wide variety of topics.  Most of the videos are 20 minutes long, but they are very worth it.

Free Medical Journals

You’ll find a whole host of medical journals available for public access, including ones like the New England Journal of Medicine, Brain: a Journal of Neurology, and the Journal of Infectious Diseases.  If you’re interested in medicine you’ll want to check out the 60 links on this site. – Universities with the best online courses

These are courses from a whole list of universities.  They won’t give you university credit, but they will be a great learning experience.  As one example, MIT offers courses in architecture and planning; engineering; health sciences and technology; humanities, arts and social science; management; science; cross-disciplinary topics; and other courses.  How’s that for a learning opportunity?

I’ll leave you to digest these for a while and then I’ll put up a few more for those who are interested.

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