A Gifted Challenge – Are you up for it?

Being a gifted adult has been termed both a blessing and a curse – a blessing because we experience life in such an intensely exciting way; a curse because most of the rest of the people around us don’t.

Unfortunately for us, until we learn how to… effectively intertwine all of our gifted characteristics and find the freedom to be all that we can be, much of our lives remain painful.

One of the greatest ways to begin getting rid of what hurts comes in two parts:

  1. to express it in the best way we can, and then connect with others who feel much the same way we do so that we’re not facing our pains alone
  2. to define what it would be like not to hurt any more so we know what our pain-free destination would look, sound, and/or feel like

Here’s your chance to take these first steps.  But of course, since we are all gifted here (or on the way to recognizing our giftedness), it comes with a bit of a challenge!

Take a look…

Here’s Part 1:

And here’s Part 2:

When you submit your responses you’ll be able to see how other people responded.

And then maybe, just maybe, we’ll all begin to discover and become all we were meant to be.

** Update:  The poll itself apparently won’t show the submitter the written responses, so I’m going to add them in the comments section below.

So you can send in your answer anonymously through the poll, or put your name on it and post it below.  It’s up to you.

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  • Gifted

    I’ll be posting the poll results here so you can hear what everyone’s thoughts are.

    Here’s the first one:

    Pain: Others don’t understand.
    Emotional relief: ___

    • Gifted

      Pain: Never been good enough.
      Chained in my own mind.

      Emotional relief: Everything I need to be!
      Free to be me.

      • Gifted

        Pain: hard to connect with others

        Emotional relief: Change the World
        feel freer
        feel a load off
        to excel
        feel freer to excel

        • Gifted

          Pain: Being out-of-sync and not knowing what to do
          Loneliness. Feeling different. Alienation.

          Emotional relief: connected, empowered, revolutionary!
          Change the World
          maybe feel like I’m losing control
          Success. Friendship. Love. Happiness.

          • Gifted

            Pain: Others can’t keep up with my thoughts
            others can’t keep up with my speech

          • http://giftedforlife.com Sonia Dabboussi

            Pain: too many interests

            Emotional Relief: others wouldn’t misjudge me

  • La Texican

    Here’s mine:
    A: “Everyone else likes to quit everything.”
    ER: “Others would want to keep playing..”indefinitely

    I like this:

    Pain: Others can’t keep up with my thoughts
    others can’t keep up with my speech
    Although I’ve successfully modified my speech over the years people only seem able to follow a conversation just so far. I think they do it on purpose.

  • creatives

    Pain: no one understanding me or accepting me

    Relief: I am wonderfully made on purpose by God. He has a purpose and a plan for me and will use every gift He has given me to bring Him glory. Being “gifted adult” is a challenge in this world. When I get intense or overly excited about doing stuff people are put off, but the wonderful thing is. God loves seeing me being creative, being excited about a work, loving others intensely, being exactly as I am because He is delighted in me. He accepts me and He understands me. The joy and peace from that alone draws people to want to know your secrets. Because honestly life is hard no matter if you are “gifted” or just trying to survive everyday. God made me perfect in His eyes. Why not thank Him for the drive to create and being unique. He created the duckbilled platipus, so He is the creative genius of all.