When you touch me my ears don’t work!

“Everyone’s tapping me.  I can’t hear a thing!”

A friend of mine had her children around her the other day and they all wanted her attention.  They were tugging on her clothes and tapping her arm as children so often do.  That’s when she said the sentences above.

Now for most people the words wouldn’t make much sense at all.  How in the world could a feeling in your arm interfere with how your ears work?  But if you’re gifted there isn’t anything more logical.

Very many gifted adults are extra sensitive to a lot of things.  For some that turns into allergies to just about anything and everything.  For others it makes it look like they’re distracted all of the time and can’t pay attention to anything.  And for others it makes them seem emotionally imbalanced because they can cry just at the thought of someone, or something, getting hurt or being lonely.

For my friend what it meant was that the sensation in her arm was taking her attention so much that she couldn’t focus on what was being said around her.  Interesting, don’t you think?

So if you’ve never been able to figure out why you seem to react to things in different ways than so many other people, the answer could lie in the extra special stuff you’ve got going on inside.  The stuff that makes you gifted.

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