Hey gifted adults, come join the Gifted for Life Gratitude Log!

What’s that, you ask?

The Gratitude Log, the Happiest Place on the Internet, is a place where you can go, every day if you want, or whenever the feeling moves you, to give thanks for something awesome in your life. 

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There’s a lot of talk about gifted adults these days in terms of the fact that they come from many different countries, and speak many different languages, and follow many different culture practices.  But you don’t have to be gifted to figure that out. So what are the conversations about then? 

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We are gifted adults. We have the ability to change the world, to take our planet to new levels, to help people in ways that have not yet been discovered or explored.

So now it’s time to do it.

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As gifted adults, many of us do a great job at hiding our true identities. We’ve learned over many years that who we are doesn’t often fit with so much of the rest of the world, so we’ve determined by default that the best course of action is to keep it secret.

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Gifted people by themselves compose a relatively small percentage of the population.  Take out everyone who still falls into the child category, and I guess you can say gifted adults are few and far between.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, though.  Of course they do.  But…

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If you’re gifted, you’re gifted for life.  You can’t become ‘ungifted’ nor lose what makes you gifted.

But you can certainly not use your giftedness, or hide your giftedness.

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The discussion about whether or not giftedness is a curse or a blessing is an ongoing one.  My thoughts are that no matter which side you choose, with a little help and some adjustment of focus it can nearly always be considered a blessing.

Part of bringing out the best of your giftedness comes in figuring out what parts are the hardest to deal with and working to make them better.  So tell us what you think.

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As gifted adults we have the capacity to do great things in the world.

We have the knowledge, skills and courage to go out on a limb and do things many other people won’t.  We have insights into solving problems that can bring outstanding change.

So then why aren’t we a whole lot more successful?

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Have you every played The Incredible Machine game?  Or perhaps Mousetrap?

Well, this video gives those a whole new perspective.

Giftedness can be used for many things, but I think these guys had a whole lot of fun with it.

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You’ve got the skills.

You’ve got the talent.

You’ve got the knowledge.

You’ve got the stamina.

You’ve got the insight.

Now MAKE the opportunity!

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It’s always tricky to find the balance between living in the world that we know can exist and living in the world that currently does exist.  We know there can be so much more, and it feels like it’s all at our fingertips if we can just stretch a bit further for it, but at the same time it remains so elusive.

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In the beginning when people starting becoming identified as being gifted, the original scales they used to measure that were the IQ tests. If you scored above 130 on an IQ test that meant that you were gifted.  That was it.

But over time some problems revealed themselves:

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