I was reading over some older journal entries tonight.  It’s amazing what you can see when you look back with fresh eyes.

So much of my writing has the stresses of being gifted strewn throughout it, only then I didn’t know what it was.  I thought I was crazy, or out of touch with things, or just plain off my rocker in some sense.

Only now I know what it means. 

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How do you know if you will be successful at what you do?

That’s a very big question for the gifted adult because he always wants some sense of knowing it will all work out in the end all right, before he even begins.  Because gifted adults have so many interests, it’s easy to get lost among the adventures.

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One of the most amazing things is finding out that there are other people in the world like you.

I know that may seem like a crazy statement, because of course with the billions of people who populate the planet there logically must be someone else somewhere who’s similar to you in some way, but when you FIND that person, it’s just a really different feeling.

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I think the toughest part of being gifted is just fitting in.

But I guess when people like you only make up about 5% of the population, that in itself is a challenge.

For gifted adults, the great problem solving skills help you along because they help you navigate through life.  The brains help you along because you can think your way through just about anything.  The creativity helps you along because you can find something new and exciting in any situation.

But what helps you hook up with other people that you don’t have to be something or someone else in front of? 

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What an interesting question, don’t you think?  It might be surprising to find out the answer.

I came across a short piece of writing today that really made me think about what it means to be gifted, and how that may be perceived by others.  Especially if you haven’t ever been given that title before, you might want to think about what this means to you.

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One of the greatest challenges of being gifted, besides first figuring out that you are and understanding everything that goes along with that, is to follow your dreams.

Gifted adults have within them a message, a message and a mission, that are screaming to get out, calling in a big way to come to fruition.

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For most of my life, finding friends and work that honored my intensity and intelligence wasn’t an issue for me.

I thought I was just weird and damaged and that my loneliness was deserved.

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“Everyone’s tapping me.  I can’t hear a thing!”

A friend of mine had her children around her the other day and they all wanted her attention.  They were tugging on her clothes and tapping her arm as children so often do.  That’s when she said the sentences above.

Now for most people the words wouldn’t make much sense at all.  How in the world could a feeling in your arm interfere with how your ears work?  But if you’re gifted there isn’t anything more logical.

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I saw a video earlier this afternoon that many people would say is hilarious.  (I’m guessing that it’s popular because of the number of views that it has.)

This is basically how the video went…

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OK, so I’m stuck in the perfectionist thing already, just trying to get the right words down here in this computer.  That always seems to be the case.  Well, not exactly always, but it’s still definitely a sticking point for me.

I’ve had many people over the years ‘remind’ me repeatedly that perfectionism is a bad thing.  That it stops you in your tracks.  That it keeps you from actually achieving anything.  And so for a long time I considered myself as having some kind of a problem that needs fixing.

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