Find Gifted Adults!

I’ve met so many gifted adults (and children) over the past years, I’ve lost count!  But the problem is, we’re all scattered throughout the world so I’d like to keep a count of who’s out there.

AND I’d like to prove to others that yes, there ARE gifted adults out there! And let the world know we’re proud of and confident in who we are!!! So…

If you’re a gifted adult, or even a gifted teen with adulthood just around the corner, please go ahead and add a comment below, listing your first name, male or female, where you are in the world, which language you speak or culture you’re from, and if you want, your contact information (e.g., e-mail, blog, website, youtube name etc.) so we can keep in touch. Also, go ahead and join the gifted adult groups through Gifted for Life on Facebook and Twitter.

When you’re part of less than 5% of the population you just have to share your knowledge and connections with other people like you.   So pass the word to the other gifted adults you know, and introduce yourself below.

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